Rhinoceros woman
who nobody wants
and everybody used.
They say you’re crazy
cause you not crazy enough
to kneel when told to kneel.

Rhinoceros woman -this world is blind and slight of mind

and cannot see how beautiful you are.

I saw your light. And it was shining.

– Assata Shakur – 



Peace Fam,

Bushwick born Afrikan womyn with a passion for social change starting internally then moving outward.  Poetry gave me the courage I needed to voice the thoughts in my mind, spirit, and the emotions of my heart.  It is through daily meditation, reflection, and shared experiences with others that I find and create more choices in my life that help to propel me further towards greater success.

Afrikan young womyn

who with every drip of poetry

that slips from between lips

I am one step closer to home.

  • a love note to my roots 

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